I Me Myself

It was a passion for dance that motivated me to learn different dance forms and I have continued learning many of those. I have loved to dance ever since I can remember. I joined dance guru Girija Chandran’s Regatta Dance Academy in Thiruvananthapuram when I was three-and-a-half. I started out by learning folk dance, then moved on to Bharatanatyam and Mohiniyattom. Girija teacher’s sister Geetha Krishnakumar taught me Kuchipudi.



  • Bharatanatyam  :Pattom Sanalkumar,Smt.kalakshetra Vilasini,,RLV Anand
  • Kuchipudi            : Kalaimamani Sailaja,Oyur Sreekala,Sri Pramod Palakkad
  • Ottanthullal        : Kalamandalam Narayanan ,Kalamandalam Geethanandan
  • Kathakali             :Kalamandalam Balasubramaniam.
  •  Kathak                : Rajendra Gangani


We friends had formed a dance team, Silver Streak, which is still active though the members are spread across the country. The dance reality show ‘Thakadhimi’ was a learning experience as I experimented with various dance styles. I’ve also choreographed for Gandharam, a cultural production venture by Soorya Krishnamoorthy, and the title songs of few Malayalam serials.

A high point of my career has been performing Kuchipudi at the Ramayana Festival and Mohiniyattom at the Mohiniyattom Festival organised as part of the Soorya Festival in the capital city . I got tremendous appreciation when I presented Sugathakumari’s poem ‘Pavizhamalli’. I am so blessed to performed Kuchipudi at chennai for soorya festival chennai chapter

I don’t want to bracket myself as a Bharatanatyam/Mohiniyattom/Kuchipudi dancer. I don’t agree with that differentiation and love to perform all the classical dance forms. Of course, criticism is inevitable when you experiment with a dance form or adapt new texts for the stage. Actor-dancer Shobhana is my inspiration in this field. I am in awe of her dance productions. Although there are people who criticise her dance, there is something in her work that keeps the audience glued to her performance. I fondly remember her appreciation when Silver Streak performed at a dance contest, Dhoom (in 2007), and won the first prize.

Balancing work and dance

My parents, K.S.Govindan Nair and Ganga, never forced me to dance or study. They always gave me guidance and support. It was only when I thought that I would do medicine that my father insisted that I should opt for engineering because he knew it wouldn’t be easy for me to balance the life of a doctor and dancer. He was right. With the support of my husband, Harikrishnan, I opened a dance school, Thakadhimi, in Chennai. I was giving classes for students in Finland and Chennai .

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